What is samba drumming?

Samba drumming is an amazing way of bringing together a group of people of any age, with no former knowledge or understanding necessary.


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Workshop content

Big drums, tiny drums, middle-sized drums, shakers, bells… there’s something for everyone! No sheet music, just listen and respond.

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How much?

Prices vary depending on the length of the workshop you require and location. We have some guide prices here for you to get an idea.

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Pro Samba.. a name to trust

If you want a fun and educational experience for your group, look no further.

We have been running Samba sessions for over 20 years catering to all age groups and many different situations.

Have a look around the site and please get in touch with any questions.

Jason@Pro Samba


Guide prices….

Here are some guide prices to give you an idea of costs, we’ll give you a more precise price when making a booking depending on exactly what you are looking for.

Guide prices..